Need a reason to vote? Here’s 30.

  1. 30reasons_bonnie-siegler_sm
    1. Bonnie Siegler Oct 8th
  2. 30reasons_tomi-um_sm
    2. Tomi Um Oct 9th
  3. 30reasons_woody-pirtle_sm
    3. Woody Pirtle Oct 10th
  4. 30reasons_elizabeth-amorose_sm
    4. Elizabeth Amorose Oct 11th
  5. 30reasons_devin-washburn_sm
    5. Devin Washburn Oct 12th
  6. 30reasons_also_sm
    6. ALSO Oct 13th
  7. 30reasons_ted-mcgrath_sm
    7. Ted McGrath Oct 14th
  8. 30reasons_chaz-maviyane-davies_sm
    8. Chaz Maviyane-Davies Oct 15th
  9. 30reasons_mike-monteiro_sm
    9. Mike Monteiro Oct 16th
  10. 30reasons_paul-sahre_sm
    10. Paul Sahre Oct 17th
  11. 30reasons_hilary-greenbaum_sm
    11. Hilary Greenbaum Oct 18th
  12. 30reasons_christopher-brand_sm
    12. Christopher Brand Oct 19th
  13. 30reasons_lindsay-ballant_sm
    13. Lindsay Ballant Oct 20th
  14. 30reasons_brian-rea_sm
    14. Brian Rea Oct 21st
  15. 30reasons_brett-yasko_sm
    15. Brett Yasko Oct 22nd
  16. 30reasons_oliver-munday_sm
    16. Oliver Munday Oct 23rd
  17. 30reasons_larkin-werner_sm
    17. Larkin Werner Oct 24th
  18. 30resaons_chris-silas-neal_sm
    18. Chris Silas Neal Oct 25th
  19. 30reasons_michael-freimuth_sm
    19. Michael Freimuth Oct 26th
  20. 30reasons_jesse-arneson_sm
    20. Jesse Arneson Oct 27th
  21. 30reasons_neil-donnelly_sm
    21. Neil Donnelly Oct 28th
  22. 30reasons_debbie-millman_sm
    22. Debbie Millman Oct 29th
  23. 30reasons_adam-snetman_sm
    23. Adam Snetman Oct 30th
  24. 30reasons_scott-stowell_sm
    24. Scott Stowell Oct 31st
  25. 30reasons_hieronymus_sm
    25. Hieronymus Nov 1st
  26. 30reasons_michael-bierut_sm
    26. Michael Bierut Nov 2nd
  27. 30reasons_matt-dorfman_sm
    27. Matt Dorfman Nov 3rd
  28. 30reasons_dan-blackman_sm
    28. Dan Blackman Nov 4th
  29. 30reasons_post-typography_sm
    29. Post Typography Nov 5th
  30. 30reasons_mikey-burton_sm
    30. Mikey Burton Nov 6th

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