About 30 Reasons

Each day leading up to the election, 30 designers and artists will offer their reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

The outcome of this election is not a foregone conclusion. It’s up to all of us to speak up in support of Hillary’s message that we’re stronger together, voice our opposition to Trump’s racist, sexist and hateful rhetoric and vote on November 8th.

All together we raise our voices and say, I’m with her!

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30 Reasons is organized and curated by Chris and Julia Thomas. They are partners at Hieronymus, and believe that designers have the duty to stand up, speak out, and help promote social justice.

The website was designed and built by Adam Snetman, founder of Starting Now.

Posters were generously contributed by OCD, Bonnie Siegler, Matt Dorfman, Michael Bierut, Julia Thomas, Oliver Munday, Larkin Werner, Elizabeth Carey Smith, Jesse Arneson, Chaz Maviyane-Davies, Elizabeth Resnick, Debbie Millman & Mark Dudlik, Nicholas Blechman & Jesse Gordon, Elizabeth Amorose, Chris Rubino, Steff Geissbuhler, Brett Yasko, Central Office, Work-Order, Matt Chase, Craig Frazier, Adam Snetman, MGMT, Collins, Todd St. John, Tucker Viemeister, Tim Belonax, Chris Thomas, Scott Stowell, and Shelley Batuyong.